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The Benefits Of Servicing Your Honda At Premier Honda

You might be surprised by just how many drivers choose to skip out on routine maintenance. When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget about the fact that you might be a few hundred miles past your next oil change marker, or that your brakes have been giving you issues. If you’re on the fence about scheduling a service appointment, you’ll want to think about some of the great benefits that come from maintaining your model. When you’re ready, you can always visit us at Premier Honda.

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Routine Maintenance Is The Key To Longevity

When a car is a few years old, you’re probably expecting to run into issues. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as if you’ve been on top of your maintenance, you should expect your model to last. That’s why you can see some cars on the road that are over fifty years old. One of the best ways to maintain your engine is by keeping track of your oil changes.

Your Engine Can Run Better After Service

When something is brand-new, it’s going to give you amazing results. As the years continue to go by though, your engine is going to have to deal with the stress that comes with thousands of miles. If your fuel efficiency is falling behind, and you’re near Jefferson ParishNew Orleans, or Chalmette, then you’ll want to head to Premier Honda, where we can hopefully resolve the issue. Poor fuel efficiency can be caused by everything from a dirty engine air filter to a bad transmission.

Focus On Your Safety

When you skip oil changes, brake service, and other repairs, it’s more likely that your vehicle will experience a serious complication on the road. This could lead to you breaking down in the middle of nowhere. This can be inconvenient, but it’s arguably the best-case scenario when you skip out on vital repairs. If your brakes malfunction when you’re driving, you could be dealing with a bigger problem. It’s important that your vehicle is inspected regularly so that you can catch these issues before they affect your personal safety.

Fewer Repairs Overall

You should think of your repairs as a set of dominoes. When something goes wrong, the problem is only going to become larger and larger over time. If you leave your engine without oil, for example, it’s only a matter of time until you start to overheat. Your engine won’t be able to handle the increased friction, and the smaller parts inside may end up mashed and melted. A simple oil change can help you avoid this in the future.

Regular Service Helps Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

If you’re trying to maintain the value of your vehicle, then you’ll need to keep up with your maintenance. Since problems can spiral, you’ll want to nip them in the bud quickly. This way, you should be able to preserve your vehicle in case you decide to trade it in or sell it later. If you decide to keep it instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a vehicle that’s in great condition once it’s paid off. You can even decide to hand it down to your children.

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If you’re ready to check up on your model, you’ll want to schedule a service with Premier Honda. If you need to replace certain systems with new parts, we can also help you find replacements.