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Spark Plug Service Near New Orleans

Spark Plug Service & Replacement Premier Honda

Every car needs maintenance to prevent damage and keep it in good condition. Most drivers keep up with their vehicle’s oil changes, tire service, and battery replacements, but these aren’t the only types of maintenance that are necessary to keep your vehicle performing at its best. A vehicle will also need spark plug service and replacements on a specific schedule stated by your car’s owner’s manual. If you’re interested in scheduling spark plug service near Metairie and Marrero, call or schedule online with the service department at Premier Honda.

What Is a Spark Plug?

When you start your vehicle, multiple parts of the ignition system kick into action to start the engine. Your vehicle’s spark plugs are an important part of this system and if they fail, you won’t be able to start your vehicle or you may notice performance issues. As its name suggests, a spark plug generates a spark once the ignition coil provides it with high-voltage electricity. Spark plugs come in sets, and even if only one spark plug is damaged, the entire set should be replaced. Most sets consist of 4, 6, or 8 spark plugs, but how many you’ll need will depend on your specific vehicle.

Signs of a Damaged Spark Plug

When a vehicle’s engine fails to start, many drivers assume that there’s a problem with the battery. Although battery problems are somewhat of a common occurrence, the issue could instead be caused by a damaged spark plug. Knowing the signs of a spark plug problem can help you determine when to seek spark plug service or a replacement. If your spark plug is damaged, you may notice:

  • Your vehicle’s MPG is lower than normal
  • Sluggish acceleration
  • Your engine misfires
  • You struggle to start the engine
  • Your engine won’t start after multiple attempts

As soon as you notice a change in your vehicle, you should schedule an inspection to find or rule out an issue. The sooner you catch a problem, the better off your vehicle will be in the long run.

When Should You Get Your Spark Plugs Replaced?

Your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule will look different than the maintenance schedule of many other vehicles. Manufacturers will recommend spark plug replacements every 30k miles for some vehicles, while others are required at 60k or 100k miles. Our highly trained technicians in the service department at Premier Honda are familiar with each manufacturer’s recommendations and they’ll help you determine the best maintenance schedule for your car, truck, or SUV. Although it’s relatively uncommon, spark plugs can wear down or fail in the time between their scheduled maintenance appointments. Driving in extreme conditions or at high speeds can cause early wear and tear on your spark plugs, which can cause the need for more frequent replacements. This is another reason why it’s important to be familiar with the signs of a damaged spark plug.

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