Windshield Wiper Service Near Baton Rouge, LA

View of two service techs changing out the wiper blades on a vehicle

Windshield Wiper Service at Premier Honda

When you’re driving in the rain, you rely on your windshield wiper blades to give you a clear view of the road ahead. Without them, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases significantly. If you’ve ever driven with wiper blades that are damaged or ineffective, you know how scary it can be to travel without seeing your surroundings. You can prevent this from happening to you by getting your windshield wiper blades checked and replaced as needed. The technicians at Premier Honda can inspect and replace your windshield wipers when you visit our service department in New Orleans, LA. We’ll help you make sure you can see clearly as you hit the streets of Baton Rouge and Hammond.

Signs That Your Windshield Wiper Blades Are Damaged

Knowing the signs of worn down or damaged windshield wiper blades will help you determine when to get them replaced. Even if it doesn’t rain a lot where you live, we recommend checking your wiper blades every few months by spraying your windshield washer fluid. During these tests or when you’re parked in the rain, check for these common signs of damaged windshield wipers:

  • The frames of your wipers are bent, cracked, or broken
  • Your wiper blades leave streaks on your windshield
  • You hear a squeaking noise coming from your wiper blades
  • Your wiper blades no longer wipe away moisture from your windshield

How Often Should You Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades?

If you didn’t realize that windshield wiper blades wear down over time, you’re not alone. Many drivers are unaware that windshield wipers need to be replaced occasionally. As with many auto parts, the manufacturer of your windshield wiper blades should give a recommendation on when to replace them. However, if your wiper blades are damaged, you won’t want to wait until then to get new ones. Many windshield wiper blade manufacturers say you should replace them every six months to one year. How often you should replace yours will depend on the environment where you drive and how often you use them. The certified technicians at Premier Honda can inspect your windshield wiper blades when you visit us for other types of routine maintenance. We’ll give you our professional opinion and even replace your wiper blades for you when that time comes.

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How To Choose the Right Windshield Wipers For Your Vehicle

There’s no one-size-fits-all for windshield wiper blades. Different vehicles have different windshields, so you need to make sure you find ones that can fit your specific make and model. Our parts department at Premier Honda supplies genuine OEM parts like windshield wiper blades. We make it easy to find ones that fit your car, truck, or SUV, and you can order them today with our online order parts form. If you choose to get your wiper blades from our parts department, you can have confidence in their fit and quality.

Schedule your windshield wiper blade replacement at Premier Honda by giving us a call or using our online service scheduler.