Transmission Fluid Flush Near Kenner, LA

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Transmission Fluid Flush at Premier Honda

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with scheduled transmission flushes at Premier Honda. Our service department has a professional staff of factory-certified mechanics dedicated to helping you keep your Honda running at its best for years to come.

What is Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Unlike a manual transmission that uses heavy-weight gear oil, your vehicle’s automatic transmission uses a lightweight hydraulic fluid to assist in the gear-changing process and to keep your transmission cool and all the inner parts well lubricated, allowing for smooth shifting.

Like engine oil, your automatic transmission fluid needs to be changed from time to time. Your owner’s manual gives a specific interval for flushing or changing the fluid. If you choose to flush the system, the interval is typically every 30,000-50,000 miles or every 3-5 years.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Servicing

There are a few symptoms you can watch for that may hint at your transmission needing to be serviced. If you notice any of the following conditions, it is recommended that you schedule transmission service as soon as possible. Look for these symptoms:

  • Dark red or brown transmission fluid: Fresh transmission fluid is brilliant red. If the fluid on your vehicle’s transmission dipstick is a dark red or brownish color, this is an indicator that debris has accumulated in the transmission fluid. It is time to have it replaced.
  • Transmission is slipping: The transmission takes a second to engage when you push on the accelerator, you will notice the engine revs up, and then a second or so later, you feel the transmission engage, which is known as slipping. A slipping transmission is a sign that your fluid is not doing its job, or you might have a transmission fluid leak.
  • Odd shifting or sounds: If you notice a strange feeling when the transmission is going through the gears or if there are strange noises, this could be a sign of a leak or insufficient fluid.

What Does Flushing the Transmission Involve?

Flushing your transmission is a process of removing the old automatic transmission fluid in your vehicle. Flushing removes sludge and grime from your transmission. Once the flushing is complete, fresh transmission fluid of the proper grade is added to the transmission to keep it lubricated and cool.

Transmission Fluid Flush Vs. Fluid Change

A transmission fluid flush is not the same as a fluid change. While both procedures involve the removal of the old fluid, there are differences, and each service has a distinct purpose.

  • Fluid Change: In this procedure, the transmission pan is drained, inspected, and cleaned. A new filter is installed, and fresh fluid is added. This process only removes 50 to 60 percent of the old fluid, and new fluid is mixed with the old. This is the most common type of service and helps prolong the life of your transmission.
  • Fluid Flush: Special equipment is used to flush the entire system, removing 100% of the old fluid and any sludge or particles that may have accumulated in the system. The drain pan is cleaned and inspected, and a new filter is installed. A 100% fresh supply of pure fluid is then added.

If your transmission is compromised or in poor working order, flushing is not recommended. The process could cause debris to be lodged in areas that could further damage the transmission.

For all your transmission needs, you can rely on the service team at Premier Honda. If you live or work around New OrleansKenner, or Metairie, you can schedule service online today.