Tire Alignment Service Near Marrero, LA

Close up view of a service tech performing an alignment service

Tire Alignment Service at Premier Honda

Tire alignment is a maintenance task which may be overlooked, but it should be at the top of your list. Why? Here are just three reasons of why this auto service is so important:

  • Improve Fuel Economy: Drivers often complain about the cost of filling up at the pump, but you can improve your fuel economy when you keep your tires aligned. When the tires don’t work together, the engine must work harder to move the vehicle forward, which takes more fuel.
  • A Smoother Ride: When a vehicle is out of alignment, it will pull to the right or left. The driver must work harder to keep the vehicle on its intended course. As you need to adjust your steering for the misalignment, the ride becomes tiring and even dangerous.
  • Improve Tire Wear: Tires wear evenly on a vehicle when they are aligned correctly. Once the entire tread is down, it will need to be replaced. When the tire is out of alignment, it wears on one side more. You need to replace them sooner, which makes it more costly. You also may be more susceptible to a flat tire, thanks to uneven wear.

How Often Should You Have Your Alignment Checked?

You should have your alignment checked regularly. If you live or drive on gravel roads often or on pavement with potholes, you may find you need an alignment more often. Hitting a hole or obstacle can cause your vehicle to go out of alignment. An accident or collision with another vehicle can also cause this issue.

Thorough, Yet Timely Auto Service at Premier Honda

Checking tire alignment is often part of a full-service oil change. However, you can have it tested at other times if you feel the vehicle isn’t operating correctly or if you have hit an obstacle recently. Thanks to a new drive-through alignment tool by Hunter, it’s now possible to have your alignment checked quickly. Premier Honda in New Orleans just got this innovative new piece of equipment, so you can come in and find out if your vehicle needs an alignment in just a few minutes.

Don’t let poor alignment cause problems for your vehicle. Have it checked by the certified technicians here at Premier Honda near Kenner today.