Summer Vehicle Maintenance Near Jefferson Parish, LA

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Summer Maintenance at Premier Honda

When temperatures rise, you want to be sure your car, truck, or SUV is ready to endure high heat and humidity. Summer driving conditions are challenging for your vehicle. If it isn’t ready for the extremes of summer, you may end up stranded along a lonely road somewhere on the way to your vacation destination. If you live in or around Jefferson ParishBaton Rouge, or Metairie, summer maintenance starts with an appointment at Premier Honda.

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You won’t want to wait for the temperatures to rise before getting your vehicle’s summer maintenance taken care of. Spring is a good time to bring your vehicle in for service to prepare it for the heat and humidity that accompany the rising temperatures. These are just a few services you should have checked to beat the summer heat, and are all things you can have done at Premier Honda:

  • Oil Changes: If you have been putting off an oil change, get it done now. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Be sure you have fresh, clean oil and filters to lubricate your engine’s moving parts and to help keep the engine cooler.
  • Get Your Tires Checked: Many things affect the condition of your tires, like temperature fluctuations, hot pavement, longer time frames driving, and even barometric pressure. Ask our technicians at Premiere Honda to check the tire pressure and inspect the tires for tread depth. They will look at the general condition of the tires to ensure that they are safe for extended travel and a variety of surface conditions.
  • Check Your Fluid Levels: Check all fluids to make sure they are at the recommended levels. Give special attention to coolant levels, as this is the first line of defense in maintaining proper engine temperature to avoid overheating when your engine is working hard in the hot summer. Other fluids you will want to get checked include your power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. For your comfort, be sure your air conditioner is working properly and that the refrigerant is fully charged and at the correct level. Check the windshield wiper fluid to keep the windshield clean for all your travels.
  • Battery Check: Have the battery tested to ensure proper condition and function. During the summer, extreme temperature changes and moisture in the air can wreak havoc on your battery. Check the posts and contacts and have them cleaned, if necessary.
  • Brake Check: Have your brakes checked if you plan to do a lot of traveling over the summer. If your brakes have been causing strange noises or you feel odd sensations when pressing the pedal, get them looked at immediately for your safety.

Should You Have Your Vehicle Serviced More Frequently During Summer?

All the parts and systems on your vehicle are under more stress during the increase in driving over the summer months, so have everything checked often to ensure proper function. This includes tires, suspension, steering, brakes, battery, coolant system, oil, transmission, air conditioner, and so on.

Schedule your appointment with Premier Honda’s service department to get your vehicle ready for summer. Having a great summer often starts with a well-maintained vehicle. Our technicians are ready to help your summer be safe and enjoyable.