Cooling System Fluid Change Service Near Gretna, LA

close up view of a bottle of engine coolant next to a vehicle's engine

Cooling System Fluid Change Service at Premier Honda

Keep your engine cool during the summer months of New Orleans, with our cooling system flush service. Here at our new and used Honda dealership, we remove the engine coolant and then replace it with fresh new fluid. We replace the coolant to ensure the longevity of your vehicle, so if you’re looking to protect both its lifespan and its performance, get in touch with our on-site auto service department today.

What’s Involved in a Cooling System Flush Service?

Our certified service technicians will follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. Drivers can schedule service online to easily reserve time with our professionals. After we remove the engine coolant, we always replace it with a reputable brand. You can talk to our team about the different brands we carry, and we can help you find the option that complements the Honda trim model you own or lease. Lastly, we dispose of the old fluid and give you a date to come back for your next service.

The Role of Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

Properly functioning engine cooling systems disperse coolant through the engine and radiator. The circulating coolant reduces heat levels and provides lubrication to the water pump. Lubrication of these systems is essential, as it works to combat corrosion.

If your Honda’s cooling system is malfunctioning, your engine can overheat. Like the transmission, it is imperative that you keep your engine in prime condition. Maintaining proper coolant levels and switching out fluids as needed will ensure the performance of your engine.

How Often Should Your Change Fluids in Your Cooling System?

Not sure how often your ride is due for a coolant service? Here at Premier Honda in New Orleans, we recommend that drivers stay on top of their auto brand’s maintenance schedule. If you’re unsure of where to find that information or would like to speak with a trained technician, get in touch with our service team. We can help you get your Honda booked for the care that it needs. Maintenance work can vary from driver to driver, as the frequency of auto care needed depends on how often you drive your vehicle, where you live, and what trim model you own. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Drivers near Chalmette, Marrero, and Baton Rouge can make the short drive to Premier Honda in New Orleans for all their service needs. Visit our website to schedule your service today.