Alternator Service Near Baton Rouge, LA

Close up view of a vehicle's alternator

Alternator Service at Premier Honda

The primary function of the alternator is to supply continuous current to the electrical system and recharge the battery. While your vehicle’s alternator is a vital component, three key elements are involved in your car’s electrical system. Regular vehicle operation depends on the battery, the starter, and the alternator. Any of the three components can prevent your vehicle from starting. If you have issues with the system, you can get it checked out at our service department at Premier Honda. Give us a call or schedule online for quality service near you.

The Components That Start Your Engine

A failing battery that can’t hold a full charge won’t have enough amperage to engage the starter. A faulty starter won’t be able to turn the flywheel, giving the engine the jump start it needs. A faulty alternator won’t be able to recharge the battery. Worse, the alternator won’t provide enough current while the engine is running to power the electronics. The electronics will rely on the battery for the current, which will drain the battery.

Let the Certified Technicians at Premier Honda Service Your Vehicle

When diagnosing your charging system, your technician will hook up a diagnostic instrument to the starter, alternator, and battery to track down the faulty component. The service tech compares their data to the manufacturer’s service limits to determine which part is faulty.

Alternator Repair in New Orleans, LA

Alternator repair is simply an alternator replacement. The quickest and most cost-effective solution to a failing alternator is to replace it with a new one. The service department removes the old component and replaces it with a new one. The new part slides right into the original position, requiring no modifications.

Diagnosing a Problem with Your Alternator

Alternator problems often begin as a faint clicking noise when you try to start your vehicle. Eventually, the alternator fails to charge the battery, and the result is your car won’t start. The problem is that any of the components (battery, alternator, or starter) could be causing the clicking noise. Pinpointing the exact faulty component is essential. A defective alternator does have some warning signs you can watch for, including:

  • Battery light: Some vehicles have a charging system indicator light. Most others just have a battery light. If it comes on, this is a good sign that you need to have the system checked. This could be a faulty battery or alternator, or both.
  • Weak or dimming lights: Easier to notice at night, if your headlights or dash lights fluctuate between dim and bright, you could be having alternator issues. If they brighten when you rev to higher RPMs, it is a good indicator that the alternator is the issue.
  • Other electrical problems: If you notice other electrical issues, these could signify a failing alternator.
  • The battery is good: If your battery has been tested and is in good working order but doesn’t seem to be holding a charge, it could be that the alternator has stopped charging it.
  • Strange noises: A faulty alternator could make a squealing noise caused by the belt and pully components breaking down. If you hear a grinding noise, that could be the alternator’s bearings going bad.
  • A burning smell: Bad belts and bad bearings both have a burning smell when they start going bad.

If you find that you need to have your alternator serviced or if it left you stranded in New OrleansMetairie, or Kenner, you can contact the service department at Premier Honda for alternator service and replacement.