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2023 Honda Civic Si

2023 Honda Civic Si At Premier Honda

Sometimes a vehicle that can get you from one point to the next is all you need, but when you find yourself craving a model that’s as sporty as it is fast, you’ll want to look at the 2023 Honda Civic Si. With an engine that roars with excitement and a cozy cabin complete with the most recent technologies, it’s got it all. When you want to take one for a test drive near KennerNew Orleans, or Baton Rouge, you can schedule a test drive with Premier Honda.

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Top Features of The 2023 Honda Civic Si

An Impressive Engine

When it comes to a compact sports car, the most important question that anyone will be asking is what engine you have. With the 2023 Honda Civic Si, you can confidently respond that you have the 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine equipped, which offers an exceptional 200 horsepower. This engine gives you the response you need to overtake other models when you’re out on the highway, and with your helical limited-slip differential, you’ll also be able to take tight turns without worry. As an extra bonus, you’ll also have a 6-speed manual transmission which keeps you connected to the action at all times. You can also quickly change between Normal, Sport, and even your own custom mode at the push of a button. When you’re in your cabin, you’ll have all the tools you could need to have fun on the road, and with power to spare, this model gives you the exhilarating feeling that only a genuine sports car can.

A Signature Look

You might be wondering what’s waiting for you inside once you open the door. The first thing that’s sure to jump out at you are your signature Si seats, which are designed with red stitching so that your cabin has extra flair. Once you begin to take a closer look, you’ll notice plenty of other additions that make for the perfect driver’s seat. Your wheel will have mounted controls so that you can easily access everything from your volume to your cruise control so that you can always be in control while shifting. You’ll also find sport pedals down below, which give you the extra grip you need on the road so you can quickly switch from your brake to your gas. The real jewel of the cabin is the panoramic windshield, which gives you a clear and pristine view of everything around you.

Intuitive Safety Features

Driving at high speeds can be dangerous in the wrong conditions, which is why the 2023 Honda Civic Si will always have your back with its dedication to safety. With features like the Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) system, your model can even help you make steering corrections as you drive. If you begin to drift into another lane without your turn signal on, your vehicle can calmly and reliably bring you back into your own lane. Other features like Adaptive Cruise Control make driving on the highway a breeze, as it will keep you at a set speed, only slowing down when the vehicles ahead do. There’s even a Collision Mitigation Braking System, which can automatically apply the brakes as needed.

When you need your own sports car, you can finance the Honda Civic Si at Premier Honda, where you can get started online with a credit application.