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Why Buy a Used Vehicle Near New Orleans

Why Buy a Used Vehicle at Premier Honda

Buying a vehicle is a big accomplishment, and shopping for your new ride should be an experience you can enjoy. One choice you have to make when you begin shopping is whether you want a new or pre-owned vehicle. Both options come with a variety of benefits, but some drivers find that a used vehicle is a better fit for them. At Premier Honda in New Orleans, we provide outstanding pre-owned vehicles for drivers around Kenner and Hammond. We’ve got it all, from luxurious sedans to heavy-duty trucks and everything in between. We’ll help you figure out which vehicle is the best match for your lifestyle and budget.

Buying Used Gives You More Options

One benefit of shopping for a used vehicle that many drivers enjoy is the wide selection of vehicles that you get to choose from. As you search through our inventory of pre-owned models, you’ll notice that we have vehicles from many different manufacturers. Our used vehicles also vary in body style, age, and design style. Having more options gives you the best chance of finding a vehicle that works for you. You won’t have to go from dealership to dealership to compare models because we offer a large selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs all in one convenient location.

Certified Pre-Owned Honda Models

Every driver wants to feel confident in the vehicle they purchase. Some people believe that buying a new vehicle is the only way to know that their new ride is in good condition. However, it’s easy to find used vehicles that are still in excellent condition with little to no wear and tear. At Premier Honda, we have very high standards for our used vehicles so drivers can feel confident in the quality of their pre-owned model. Certified pre-owned vehicles add even more perks to buying a used vehicle. When you buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda from Premier Honda, you’ll get more than just a high-quality pre-owned Honda. You’ll also receive more peace of mind with our 24-Hour Money-Back Guarantee, free CARFAX History Report, and 30 Day/1000-mile 50-50 powertrain warranty. That’s not all, our Premier Certified Pre-Owned program also includes a one-year PETRAFLATE membership with 24-hour roadside assistance.

Used Vehicles Come with Lower Price Tags

A well-known reason why so many people choose to purchase used vehicles is that they come at lower prices. If you compare the price of a new vehicle with a used one of the same make and model, you’ll notice a significant price difference. New vehicles depreciate rapidly after they’re driven off the lot, which is usually the reason why you can find used vehicles at more affordable prices. When you buy used, you can stick to your budget and still afford an upgraded model with modern features and amenities. Buying used can also help you save on insurance payments and taxes, which makes a used vehicle an attractive option for many.

Call our finance department at Premier Honda to learn how you can finance one of our high-quality pre-owned vehicles.