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Honda Rugged Capability

Honda Rugged Capability

Are you on the hunt for a strong vehicle that can handle whatever challenge your workday has in store? Maybe you’re the type of driver that craves adventure and you need a vehicle that can keep up. If you need a tough, powerful, and exceptionally capable vehicle, look no further than a Honda truck or SUV. You can choose from a wide range of incredible Honda trucks and SUVs that have the strength to carry you through your everyday drives as well as your next big adventure.

Ready to Tow

Whether you need to tow a trailer for your job, a boat for your trip out on the water, or even a 24-foot camper, Honda has you covered. You can tow up to 5,000 pounds with the Honda Pilot, Honda Ridgeline, and Honda Passport. This impressive towing capacity is made possible by the available i-VTM4 AWD system and the awe-inspiring V-6 engines.

Honda All-Wheel Drive

There are many circumstances where an all-wheel-drive vehicle comes in handy. The Honda all-wheel-drive systems use advanced technology to help you power through challenging terrains. They also enhance towing, off-roading, and harsh weather conditions. One of the two all-wheel-drive systems offered by Honda is intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4). This system enhances side-to-side control through torque vectoring. The other AWD system is Real Time AWD which also increases stability by delivering instantaneous power to the rear wheels. Honda’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive provides traction and stability in all kinds of conditions. Two different systems are available with Honda models, Real Time AWD and Intelligent Variable Torque Management. The result is instant power to rear wheels with torque vectoring for improved side-to-side control.

All-wheel drive provides improved traction on unpaved roads, in wet or icy conditions and for towing and hauling. Torque vectoring transfers more torque to the wheels that need it most to provide added stability when taking corners or curves.

Impressive Suspension Systems

It’s no secret that the suspension system plays a huge role in your experience behind the wheel of any vehicle. When you drive a Honda truck or SUV, you’ll be amazed by its smooth performance and optimized handling. The advanced independent multi-link suspensions of Honda trucks and SUVs will give you the confidence to take on rough terrains and off-road adventures.

Intelligent Traction Management

You need a vehicle that can adapt to different road conditions with ease. The Honda Ridgeline, Pilot, and Passport offer Intelligent Traction Management which helps your Honda adapt to the road ahead with a simple press of a button. On the two-wheel drive trims of these Honda models, you can turn on Snow mode to have better control over icy and snow-covered roads. On the AWD trims, additional drive modes include Sand and Mud. Each of these terrains has its own unique challenges, and the different modes provided by Intelligent Traction Management tackle them with ease by adjusting torque distribution, shifting, and throttle accordingly. Intelligent Traction Management allows you to adjust handling to fit the terrain. Various models have different modes. For instance, two-wheel drive trims for models like the Ridgeline, Passport, and Pilot have Snow mode. All-wheel drive models include Mud and Sand. Each mode adjusts the throttle, torque distribution, and shifting based on the terrain. Snow mode reduces wheel slippage and makes adjustment to the throttle for less sensitivity for the pedals. Mud mode helps you keep your momentum with increased wheel torque. Sand mode requires more aggressive power and delays upshifts to give you more torque on the wheels.

The Honda Ridgeline’s Unibody Construction

The Honda Ridgeline is tough down to its very core. It stands out from conventional body-on-frame designs with its stronger integrated frame that enhances rigidity. The Ridgeline achieves this level of strength and durability through its Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, 3-bone front floor structure, light-weight cast magnesium steering hangar beam, and truss-style rear inner construction. If you need a vehicle that takes strength to the next level, look no further than the Honda Ridgeline. The Honda Ridgeline has a unique design to make it more durable, starting with a unibody cab and bed. The frame is integrated into the cab and body, making it stronger than body-on-frame. High-strength steel creates more rigidity without extra weight.

Even the toughest Honda model provides a smooth ride with the independent multi-link suspension. Bring along more stuff with a towing capability of up to 5,000 pounds for the Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline models. Pull an RV, trailer with a boat or ATVs, to your fun destination. Strength is seen in the engines for these same models with up to 550 horsepower for the Ridgeline Baja.

SUVs and trucks from Honda have a higher ground clearance to travel over streams and unpaved roads. With their rugged capability, you can drive with confidence no matter what lies down the road

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